This course is designed as a cognitive learning program with four Units of study. Click on the Unit numbers to begin.

Unit 29: Starting Off Right

The first step in changing any destructive behavior is recognizing and admitting that it exists. These early lessons help the student get past denial and into an acceptance that the "power" to change comes from above. It is difficult to "turn loose" of our "steering wheel" but ultimately - we must! This is generally referred to as: Letting go and letting God. Click to start.

Unit 30: Finding Peace with God

A simple "outline" assists the student in compiling ingredients essential to a helpful inventory. It is impossible to know the necessary changes required without knowledge of the past and what brought us to this point. Then it is imperative that we begin the process of unloading and deleting excess baggage. It begins on earth but the final discharge is heavenly. Click to start.


Unit 31: Making Peace with Men

Released from the past by God's Amazing Grace, the student now tackles mending broken and demolished fences. These are "maintenance measures" that keep us on track toward recovery for the rest of our lives. Left unattended, it is certain to produce another failure crop of natural consequences. Learning to live by daily practicing these principles leads to continued freedom. Click to start.

Unit 32: Going On to Perfection

Approaching the climax of the course, students focus on personal growth issues. Working these critical steps will produce visible evidence: other people will be helped (especially our immediate circle of family members/friends), we will be blessed and eventually resulting in a better world for all now and the Great Beyond. Click to start.