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Leadership Training for Christ

Leadership Training for Christ is a duly recognized association of youth groups of the Churches of Christ and parachurch youth groups affiliated with the Churches of Christ. The purpose of LTC is to plan, organize, promote, and execute programs that assist young Christians to develop their knowledge of the Bible and biblical principles, enhance their communication and leadership skills, and orient their energies and abilities to areas of Christian service.

Purpose: To challenge students to achieve in-depth knowledge of God's Word.


There are many events at the LTC convention. One event is the Bible Bowl. This site is to help students prepare for the Bible Bowl test prior to the convention, by allowing you to take tests similar to what will be at the convention. You can take the quizzes multiple times to help improve your knowledge.


This testing site will help you:
  • See how much you know about the Gospel of John
  • Identify areas of weakness that requires more studying
  • Compete with fellow students for higher scores
  • Know more about God and His Word


    You will be quizzed on chapters from John. You can retake the quizzes as often as you wish. You will automatically get a notification page with your score and verification of the correct answers.


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