Transforming Lives since 1984


  1. A Sense of Self
  2. A Sense of Family
  3. Parenting Matters
  4. True Freedom
  5. Christian Marriage Skills
  6. The Christian Woman
  7. Attitudes and Behaviors
  8. Overcoming Addictions
  9. Managing My Anger
  10. The Seeker

Русский (Russian)

  1. Чувство Себя
  2. Чувство семьи
  3. Родители
  4. Настоящая свобода
  5. Искусство христианского брака
  6. Женщина-христианка
  7. Добродетели и пороки
  8. Христиане против химической зависимости
  9. Управляя своим гневом
  10. Искатель

简体中文 (Chinese)

  1. 自我认识
  2. O克服瘾习
  3. 寻求神的人 圣经研读系列课程

Espaņol (Spanish)

  1. El Buscador
NewLife Behavior provides a Christian based and relationship oriented curriculum. These lessons are provided to individuals or groups with an option of having a leader and/or studymate. The lessons can be studied by e-mail, online or in a classroom situation.

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