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There is more to building a fence than just putting poles in the ground and nailing up boards. The best looking fences look simple because planning and knowledge preceded their construction. If you look around your neighborhood, you can probably find some fences that are sagging and haggard looking. Part of that is age, but it could also be poor planning. You don't want your neighbors to laugh at you, so let's build it right.

Course Goals

There are many variations of the stockade or privacy fence. This course will help you to create a fence that will be strong and beautiful, and at the same time, help you be safe. When you complete this study, you should be able to:
  1. Estimate how much time this will take
  2. Make a supply list and price sheet
  3. Demolish your old fence
  4. Set posts
  5. Attach baseboards
  6. Attach rails
  7. Attach pickets
It is best if you study all of this material prior to starting your project. You may decide it is too big of a project, and contract it out. When starting the project, we recommend that you review each section prior to working on the fence project.

Skills Required

To do this project you will need the proper tools and knowledge of how to handle the tools. This includes:
  • Using a power saw
  • Hammering a nail
  • Using a power drill
  • Mixing concrete
  • Lifting heavy lumber
  • Using a tape measure
  • Using a shovel and posthole digger

Time for Completion

This course takes approximately one hour to complete, however, the actual project will take several days.

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