We should obey God. We can't hide from Him.
Memory Verse
  • Jonah (Who did?)
  • Be Careful Little Eyes What You See
  • Happy All The Time (Inright, Outright)
  • He's Still Workin' On Me
  • My God Is So Great, So Strong And So Mighty
  • Who Is the King of the Jungle
  • Discussion
  • Have you ever been fishing? What was the biggest fish you caught?
  • Have you ever seen a fish so big that it could swallow you?
  • Could God make a fish so big it could swallow you?
  • Could Jonah hide from God?
  • Have you ever tried to hide from your parents? What happened?
  • Activities
  • wordsearch
  • Coloring page page 2
  • connect the dots
  • maze
  • Tell some fishing stories and show photos of fish
  • Play "Hide and Seek"
  • Puppet Play


    (Enter Malcolm and Beau - enter killer whale or some other fish-like puppet in another window)

    Malcolm: I don't know, Beau. I really don't think that's what he's looking for.

    Beau: Oh, come on Malcolm! It'll be great!

    Fish: What are you two talking about?

    Malcolm: Oh. Hello...talking fish. (To Beau) Beau, I don't want to alarm you - but that fish over there is talking to us.

    Beau: Better and better! He can be IN it, Malcolm. We have our first star!

    Fish: Excuse me. I am a ________________, not a star. I have a friend who is a starfish, though.

    Malcolm: Ha, ha.

    Beau: And he's a comedian! He can be the funny man in the movie!

    Fish: Movie? What movie?

    Malcolm: Oh, our Bible teacher wants us to put on a skit about our favorite Bible story, but Beau wants to get together next week and make a movie about it instead.

    Fish: Oh. Well, that would be cool. What Bible story are you doing?

    Beau: Jonah and the whale. And it's going to be great!

    Fish: Well, actually, Beau...

    Beau: It's going to be the horror event of the year! First, we'll have the ship sink...

    Malcolm: But, the ship didn't sink, Beau...

    Beau: And then, one by one, the sailors get eaten by sharks...

    Fish: But, no one was eaten by sharks...

    Beau: Until only Jonah is left....and finally, as he tries to fight off the biggest shark, he is eaten, too.

    Malcolm: But, Jonah didn't get eaten.

    Beau: Yes, he did.

    Malcolm: No, he didn't.

    Beau: Yes, he did.

    Malcolm: Not exactly, Beau.

    Fish: Excuse me, but as I am actually a water creature - why don't you ask me?

    Beau: Okay, so YOU tell the story. I bet you can't make it as exciting as I did.

    Fish: I think the true story is even MORE exciting than that one you made up.

    Malcolm: He's right, Beau.

    Fish: First of all, you need to understand that Jonah was a prophet of God. The real God, not those idols that some of the people worshipped back then. And, God gave him a special message to deliver to a big city called Nineveh.

    Beau: So, he was going to deliver a special message from God to Nineveh. Wow. That must have made him feel important and special, to be chosen as God's special messenger.

    Fish: It should have. But, Jonah did not like the city of Nineveh. He thought the people there were evil, and didn't deserve God's message.

    Malcolm: Well, they were idol worshippers, and Nineveh had a bad reputation.

    Beau: Then why did God send him there?

    Fish: Exactly because they were evil and idol worshippers. God was sending a message to them that they needed to worship Him, and turn from their evil ways, or He was going to punish the city.

    Beau: Oh! I get it.

    Fish: Jonah did not want to go to Nineveh, because he knew that God would forgive the city if they were sorry, and changed their ways.

    Malcolm: That's pretty mean of Jonah.

    Beau: Yeah. Wow, he must have really not liked them.

    Fish: Oh, he didn't. So he decided to hide from God.

    Beau: Wait. Hide from God? How can you hide from God? He's like, everywhere!

    Fish: True. Jonah hid on a ship, and went the other way - away from Nineveh.

    Beau: I bet that didn't work.

    Malcolm: It didn't. You can't hide from God.

    Fish: True. God knew were Jonah was. He sent a storm, and the ship was tossing around the ocean. Jonah nearly slept through it.

    Beau: I would have been seasick.

    Fish: Not me. But then...well, I live in the water. Anyway - the sailors on the ship got scared - they thought that someone had made God angry, and that's why the storm came.

    Malcolm: And they were right. Didn't they wake Jonah up?

    Fish: They did. And eventually, Jonah admitted that God was angry with him. He suggested that the sailors throw him into the sea.

    Beau: He volunteered for that? Whoa!

    Fish: I think he was afraid that all the men on the ship were going to die because he was on board. But the sailors tried everything to get the ship safely to shore without throwing him overboard; in fact, they threw their cargo overboard first.

    Malcolm: That was unselfish of them.

    Fish: True. But it didn't work. So, they finally threw Jonah overboard. And, as soon as they did - the storm stopped.

    Beau: Oh. So the entire ship did not sink, huh?

    Fish: No.

    Beau: And all of the sailors survived?

    Fish: As far as we know.

    Beau: Hmmm. Not much of a horror story so far.

    Fish: Then, God prepared a big fish - not a whale, apparently - to swallow Jonah.

    Beau: See Malcolm! I told you he got eaten!

    Malcolm: He got swallowed, Beau - not exactly eaten.

    Beau: Swallowed - eaten - same difference.

    Fish: Whatever, Beau - I think the important point Malcolm is trying to make is that the fish didn't chew him up. In fact, Jonah lived inside the fish for three days.

    Beau: He was alive?! Inside a fish?! I bet that smelled really bad! Then what happened?

    Fish: You know what? I think we should let Mr. __________________ tell us the rest of the story.

    Malcolm: That's a good idea. Why don't we go behind the stage and listen. Wanna come, Mr. Talking Fish?

    Fish: Maybe. Do you have any herrings or little perch to feed me?

    Malcolm: Uh, no. I don't carry fish in my pockets, you know.

    Beau: I've got sardines in my pocket. Will they do?

    Fish: Perfect.

    Malcolm: Beau, why do you, never mind. I don't want to know. Let's just go sit down and listen to the story.