The deacons are servants. We should all be servants.
Memory Verse
  • He's Still Workin' On Me
  • The Wise Man Built His House
  • Discussion Questions
  • Have you ever been to an orphanage?
  • Do you know any of the deacons here?
  • What are some of the things deacons do here?
  • What would happen if we did not have deacons?
  • What are some ways we can help the deacons?
  • Activities
  • Word search
  • Have the kids draw a picture of something a deacon may do
  • Take the kids to another room in the church building and have them clean it
  • Coloring page
  • Puppet Play


    (Beau and Malcolm come up. They are talking to each other.)

    Beau: (laughs) That was really fun!

    Malcolm: Did you see her face?

    Beau: She WAS really surprised.

    Malcolm: Who knew one can of silly string could go so far?

    Beau: And we had two. I wonder if she's untangled yet?

    Malcolm: If she is, she'll probably come after us.

    Beau: You think so?

    (Lucy is heard from backstage)

    Lucy: (just her voice, sounding angry) Where ARE you?!

    Beau: (sounding nervous) Do you think she'll look up here?

    Lucy: (coming up) HERE you are!

    Malcolm: Yes, Beau, I think she'll look up here.

    Lucy: I cannot BELIEVE you two? What were you thinking?

    Beau: Well, I was thinking, "Wow! We have two cans of silly string. I wonder what we should do with them."

    Malcolm: What a strange coincidence. That's what I was thinking too. And then we heard you coming up the stairs.

    Beau: And then everything became crystal clear.

    Lucy: And then you HOSED me down with silly string, giggling like a couple of little girls, and ran. Oh, VERY mature!

    Beau: That about sums it up. Yep.

    Malcolm: Oh, come on now, Lucy. It WAS funny. You started laughing about half way through it, and then tried to pretend you weren't.

    Beau: And I don't think it's very different from the way you locked us in the courtyard last week, and made us do a silly dance before you let us in.

    Lucy: True. Okay - I'm not mad. It was kinda funny. BUT…

    Malcolm: But what?

    Beau: Please don't make us do a silly dance!

    Lucy: Tempting, but no. I just want you to help me clean up all the silly string. It's all over the high school room.

    Malcolm: Oh, that's okay. The room's already bright blue and orange. Can't mess it up any more.

    Lucy: I like the color, and we really need to clean up our mess.

    Beau: Besides…

    Malcolm: What do you mean, "Our mess?" Last time I saw it, you were wearing it. Ha!

    Beau: Besides…

    Lucy: Oh, very funny. Ha ha.

    Beau: Besides… (he stops)

    Lucy and Malcolm: Besides what?

    Beau: Oh! I assumed you were going to interrupt me again. We don't have to clean up the room.

    Lucy: Why not?

    Beau: It's the deacons' job.

    Malcolm: What do you mean?

    Beau: I learned in Bible class today that the deacons are special helpers at church. The elders give them jobs, and they help the elders by doing them. So we don't need to clean up the room. I suspect it's a deacon's job.

    Lucy: Oh, Beau. It's true that deacons are special helpers for the church family, but they have special jobs and areas of responsibility. They aren't supposed to have to do the work that all the members are responsible for. Like cleaning up after us.

    Malcolm: Yeah, Dude. They aren't our personal servants, you know.

    Beau: Oh.

    Lucy: In fact, it's probably OUR job to help the deacons by making their jobs easier when we can. We should all be workers for our church family.

    Beau: I guess so. In fact, that makes more sense.

    Malcolm: And that means we should go clean up the high school room.

    Beau: And, probably, the junior high room.

    Lucy: The junior high room - what did you do in there?

    Beau: Well, there was this confetti egg left over from the egg hunt…and…

    Malcolm: Never mind. We'll just clean it up.

    (They leave.)