Kings Crossing Church of Christ

Baptistries Around the World: Placing temporary and portable baptistries in mission fields, jails and prisons. more info

Christians Against Substance Abuse (CASA): Bible-based recovery program for addictions, both within the community and within prisons. Office is located at 3833 S. Staples, Suite 10, 78411. Phone is 361-855-3372. Fax is 361-992-6218.

Rainbow Express: (Tuesday/Thursday School for Pre-Schoolers - Contact Melanie Hill, Director, for details at 361-992-8277). more info

49ers: (a ministry for Christians who are 55 years of age or over, or married to one of that vintage). We enjoy an annual Weekend Retreat at HEB and an annual week-long camp at Bandina Christian Youth Camp. General Meetings are usually the 4th Monday of each month, 6:30 p.m., at the church building. A monthly newsletter - "Footprints of Time" is mailed to interested individuals/churches.

Inmate-Family Ministry: a comprehensive program to assist prison inmates in behavioral improvement of not only their lives but of members of their families as well. This is a ministry of hope, reconciling inmates to Christ, their families, and society. more info

Jail/Prison Ministry: Nueces County Jail (males & females), Nueces County Juvenile Detention Center, Garza West (Beeville), Lopez (Edinburg), and Federal Prison Camp (Three Rivers). Office is located at 3833 S. Staples, Suite 10, 78411. Phone is 361-855-3372. Fax is 361-992-6218.

Youth Ministries We have a special youth group that cares about each other. They know how to have a good time, but are always willing to learn more about Jesus. They have responded to projects like painting homes for those who are unable to get help otherwise - in our community and elsewhere. Our youth group exists in order to encourage, accept, and enlighten those who have not been fulfilled with Christ by establishing, maintaining and strengthening relationships with God.

Camp Bandina Kings Crossing church of Christ offers many activities at Camp Bandina for families and children to get close to God and nature. Weeklong activities and weekend retreats are scheduled throughout the year. more info

Family Ministry Kings Crossing church of Christ plans many activities for families to meet together to worship and play.

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