Cheyenne Street Church of Christ

Spanish Services: The services are conducted bilingually. All classes are in English with the exception of the adult class.

Radio Program: Our congregation supports a radio program in the Corpus Christi area on KMIQ, Magic 105.1. The Radio Program can be heard at 8 A.M. Sunday Mornings on KMIQ, Majic 105.1 FM

Cable Program: We also host a television program on TCI cable channel 18. The cable Program can be seen on the following dates and times:

Sunday at 8:30 P.M.
Monday at 6 P.M.
Tuesday at 4 P.M.
Thursday at 9 P.M.
Friday at 5:30 P.M.
(These dates and times will be effective until June 2, 2002)

Visitation: We visit members of the congregation to provide encouragement to those whom we have missed at assemblies or whom are sick or in the hospital.

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